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Welcome to Insure Organics!

A company that provides a proven buffet of agronomic soil inputs

Insure Organics has proven programs for agriculture, golf, turf, and cannabis.

Why We are Different

Our approach is simple: feed the soil and the soil will feed the plant.

Unique to any growing system, our buffet of isolates, digestates, fermentates, extracts, amendments, and foliars provide optimum opportunity to establish highly functional and diverse soil biological communities.

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Organic "Feed Your Soil First" Fertilizers

We feed the soil biology so the soil biology can feed the plant.


  • AgroThrive LF® - Natural Organic Fertilizer

  • Genesys N-Force 8-0-0

  • AgSciTech Bio Organic / Bio Available

Soil Amendments

These products are intended to supplement and enhance a full fertilization program:

  • Bio Release™ - 2-0-2

  • Bulk-R™ - 0-0-5

  • Kelp Pro Fractionated to 300 Daltons

  • Silicik 2.0 OMRI

  • FLC 



  • CropBioLife - Concentrate Nutrient Synergist

  • Coral Calcium

  • Krusty™ with Solu-Plus

  • Crab Flakes and Powder - chitin source

  • Soil Medic™ 2X - Complex Fermentation Biostimulant

Product Results

Our biological buffet, "soil primers", consist of plant protein isolates, concentrated fermentation consortiums, clean organic acids, extracts and inoculums. The result is agronomically significant biological response related to nearly all measurable crop production parameters.

Our Commitment

Our passion is helping growers develop their soil health programs using assets on the farm, along with external inputs. We urge growers to commit to a minimum of three (3) years to realize some of the early, measurable benefits of our programs.

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